Simple minds once upon a time review sheet

Once Upon a Time is the seventh studio album by Simple Minds, released in 1985. Although already successful in their native UK and Europe, the band had also now become popular in the US, mainly due to the success of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” which appeared on The Breakfast Club soundtrack and had become a No.1 hit there. Feb 02, 2018 · Simple Minds actually has overcome themselves, Because Walk Between Worlds is more diversified than Big Music (2014), the songs are really different one of another, and each one at their sounds are all great songs. The Best Album yet of 2018. Long Live to Simple Minds!!!! … Expand I’m betting the stereo master tape for the Simple Minds album hasn’t been through as many remasterings as the Yes album’s master so it avoided additional tape wear that might have reduced its fidelity. Whatever happened, this leads me to what gear was used to put Once Upon A Time together-the liner notes have this to say about that issue: The few traces of the Simple Minds of old that remained in their 1984 Album Sparkle In The Rain, were all but smothered in Steve Lillywhite’s flat, tinny production, and they were completely eradicated by the time the band came to record Once Upon A Time in 1985.