Interview sheet for a high school student

Help students and families think about the future and consider what they want to do after high school; Plan how to make the high school experience most relevant to the student’s desired outcomes; and; Help students and families make connections to supports and services they may need after high school. Candidates for the position of Principal at a school interview with the committee first, then return for one-on-one interviews or an interview with the core administrative team. Use these interview questions to start purposeful, open-ended conversations with your candidates at the initial committee interview. Jan 24, 2019 · Read below for information on types of student interview questions, and advice on how to answer those questions. Also review job interview questions that employers commonly ask high school students, college students, and graduates seeking part-time, summer, and full-time entry-level jobs. Are you a high school student getting ready to interview for a job?It can be challenging when you haven’t done it before, but putting your best foot forward during the interview is a critical step towards landing a great job during high school, and a valuable skill to develop for the future. Transition Assessment – Student (and Parent) Interview Form Student Name: Date Completed/Revised: In Indiana at the age of 14, we begin discussing your (child’s) goals for the future. This transition assessment is designed to help you with setting your goals for after high school and for the development of your Transition IEP.