S 170 transistor datasheet

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations as revealed on the third graph in the datasheet you linked. image. They are telling you that if you want to operate this transistor as an On/Off switch (in "saturation"), forget about Beta, forget about hFE. Power MOSFET IRLZ14, SiHLZ14 Vishay Siliconix ... Output Capacitance Coss-170 -pF ... This datasheet is subject to change without notice.ss8550 — pnp epitaxial silicon transistor ... latest, most up-to-date datasheet and product ... the terms of fairchild's worldwide terms and conditions ...Jan 01, 2020 · · The transistor 2N2222 or 2N2222A are NPN types and has the following electrical parameters: · The device’s maximum voltage tolerance (breakdown voltage) across its collector and base is 60 volts for 2N2222 and 75 volts for 2N2222A, with the emitters kept open.