Scangrip lighting magic sheets

Product Review: Scangrip Sunmatch 2 LED Light by Ivan Rajic Just like the new Scangrip I-Match2 LED Headlamp (Check out my review by clicking here ), I’ve had this Sunmatch 2 in my possession for a good part of this year. Hailing from Denmark, SCANGRIP Detailing Lights is a line of highly effective and innovative work lights designed to brighten any detail. Paint imperfections such as swirls, scratches, RIDs, and holograms are hard to see in dim lighting, making their removal harder than it already is. Refresh your home with quality linen bedding. Handmade pure linen sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases. Stone washed bed linens. Discover our collection. Scangrip are a Danish company whose range of colour match products have really caught our attention! Make detecting swirls and scratches easier than ever before with their powerful lights.