3 mw power turbine cut sheets

Manufacturer: GE: Turbine Model Name: GE 2.3-107: Rated Power (MW): 2.3: Wind Class: IIs: Cut-In Wind Speed: Wind Turbine SWT-3.2-113 Technical Specifications Rotor Type 3-bladed, horizontal axis Position Upwind Diameter 113 m Swept area 10.000 m² Speed range 6-15.5 rpm Power regulation Pitch regulation with variable speed Rotor tilt 6 degrees Blades Type Self-supporting Blade length 55 m Tip chord 0.63 m Root chord 4.2 m On high wind-sites the V105-3.45 MW™, V112-3.45 MW™ and V117-3.45 MW™ are excellent turbine choices. A combination of the three variants can optimise your site layout and improve your production significantly.