Gang tool lathe setup sheets

A CAD File, CAM File, G-Code File, and a Setup Sheet might be all we need to fully document a program if there’s enough meat captured by the Setup Sheet. GW Editor’s Tool Tab has useful information for Setup Sheet creators… There are two challenges in adding more information. While some companies take setup sheets seriously, many of them do little or nothing about such documentation. Machine shop owners without such a system in place should understand that this is documentation aimed at CNC machinists and operators to ensure that they understand how a machining cycle is to be run. tool rapid traverse length = 23.3248 rapid time = 1.4 seconds feed time = 11.26 seconds operation time = 12.66 seconds ----- operation = rough * Lathe Geometry Construction In 2D & 3D * Lathe Solid Model Creation * Toolpath Backplot Control Options * Accurate Stock & Chuck Jaw Allignment * Machine Front and Back With The “Stock Flip” Command * Setup Sheets & Job Documentation * 1024 x 708 - Video with HQ Audio Narration. There are some gang lathes that have retractable tailstocks, but retracting a tailstock each time a tool change is needed defeats the main advantage of a gang lathe – super fast tool changes. The gang tool change is super fast because it uses slide motion to do tool changes and requires no turret indexing.