In 18 nixie tube datasheet

Notify me of updates to IN-1 nixie tube: Site news: 11 Nov 2019 - Card payments bug fixed ... Diameter of the tube: 30mm; Symbol size: 0.74"x0.4" (18 x 10 mm). - mouse placing on the Factory logo - gives Factory Name. 6H30n - click on the name gives Photo. - select all suit sockets. - open data sheet and curves. IN-9 nixie tubes and IN-13, designed specifically for use as indicators in a fully semiconductor equipment. They were produced until the mid-1990s, and have been used in many different techniques, from voltmeters to scales of FM stereo tuner; Hello! I recently opened an old russian digital clock and got some IV-12 Nixie Tubes. I have never worked with something like this before, and the only data sheet I found is in russian, and my russian is really rusty. Could someone show me a circuit that would allow me to drive one segment at a time for a single tube, so that I may test them ... These neon-colored light displays were made in the 1950s by Haydu Brothers Laboratories. For collectors, eBay features an array of new and preowned Nixie tubes, kits, and other related products. What is a Nixie tube? From the outside, the Nixie tube looks like a glass capsule with a glowing digit. Step 1: Getting started with a Nixie tube. Before you get started, you need to get acquainted with the Nixie tube. Each digit of the tube has an ending pin at the bottom of it. If any of these leads are connected to the ground, the digit will glow; provided the anode of the tube is supplied with 170 to 180 volts.