You are my shield sheet music

“O church, arise, and put your armor on; Hear the call of Christ our captain. For now the weak can say that they are strong In the strength that God has given. With shield of faith and belt of truth, We’ll stand against the devil’s lies. Sep 20, 2008 · He is a slave not a king. He used to wield power over his enemies and had the responsibility to tend the garden and crush the serpent’s head, but he did not do it. Now, he is a dead king, and there is a new king, Satan, over the World (cf. Eph. 2). One minute he had the keys of the kingdom,... Jul 21, 2017 · Very interesting to hear these early piano transcriptions from the original Leroy Shield sheet music. The best full orchestra versions of these tunes can be found on "The Beau Hunks Play The Original Little Rascals Music" 2 CD set, but this recording is historically fascinating. This is my first attempt at writing a Tab.... I know its not perfect and looking forward to others inputs on the right chords..... / C He's my rock, my sword, my shield F C He's the wheel in As. 2. You're the my deer. Friend pant - and eth. ... As The Deer Sheet Music - the Reactor Core Hymn Repository. ... a - lone are my strength, my shield; To You The kids singing "He's my Rock, My Sword, My Shield"... A Prayer for a Bigger Worldview - Your Daily Prayer - January 11. I thought the changes we made in our home would be hard for my kids.