Xilinx spartan 3 xc3s1000 datasheet 2n3904

Up for sale are Xilinx FPGA's P/N: XC3SD3400A-4CSG484LI. This Buy It Now is for 1 IC. 3.4M Gates. Local pickup is also available. Product Manufacturer. Xilinx, Inc. is an American technology company and is primarily a supplier of programable logic devices. It is known for inventing the field-programming gate array and as the semicondcutot company that created the first fabless manufacturing model. Spartan-3 XC3S1000/L FPGA Errata and Deviations from Spartan-3 Data Sheet Hardware Errata Summary Table 3 summarizes the known hardware issues with the XC3S1000 or XC3S1000L FPGA. See “Hardware Errata Details” for a detailed description of each known issue. Table 3 also shows which mask revision is affected by a particular errata item. • Fully supported by Xilinx ISE® and WebPACK™ software development systems • MicroBlaze™ and PicoBlaze™ processor, PCI®, PCI Express® PIPE Endpoint, and other IP cores • Pb-free packaging options • Automotive Spartan-3 XA Family variant. Product Functions. There is no relevant information available for this part yet. Applications Aug 31, 2005 · Xilinx PCI32 User Manual ... Spartan-3 XC3S1000 ... These constraint files guide the implementation tools so that the critical paths always are within specification ... Hi all, is it possible to use Spartan 3 BRAM (on my xc3s1000 it should be 432K) as a ROM memory for data storage or folder mounting under PetaLinux? How to do this under EDK 8.1? Thanks Regards Lancer Reply Start a New Thread