Write the condensed structural formula for butane

Alkanes ­ Worksheet ­ ANSWERS 1.Butane exists in the form of two structural isomers. Draw the structural formula and write the IUPAC name of each. butane 2­methylpropane 2.Draw the condensed straight­chain structures for heptane and nonane. In using condensed formulas, normal atomic valences are understood throughout. Examples of condensed formulas are. Another type of abbreviation that often is used, particularly for ring compounds, dispenses with the symbols for carbon and hydrogen atoms and leaves only the lines in a structural formula. Condensed structural formulas for ethane and pentane are shown at the bottom of Figure 1, and several additional examples are provided in the exercises at the end of this chapter. Figure 1. Pictured are the Lewis structures, ball-and-stick models, and space-filling models for molecules of methane, ethane, and pentane. Start studying Organic Chemistry. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... Write the condensed structural formula for ... Condensed Structural Formula D, Haloalkanes Complete Structural Formula u DI Chloromethane D.2 1,2-Dibromoethane D.3 2-lodopropane Questions and Problems Q.6 Write the condensed structural formulas and names for all the constitutional isomers with the formula C H Cl. pwyLvu CH3cCÅ3)cl cl CbClCkLCRzCH3 C CBS