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Bencis Capital koopt meerderheidsaandeel Faber Personeelsdiensten 5 - 50 Million The number of deals that counts for the league tables is based on the criteria and may differ from the total number of deals in the list. Bencis is an independent investment company that was founded in 1999 by Zoran van Gessel and Jeroen Pit. Bencis supports business owners and management teams in achieving their growth ambitions. We have been investing in strong, successful businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for over 18 years. Building brands together Vendis Capital is an independent private equity firm focused on building and investing in small to medium-sized branded consumer companies in Europe that are well positioned for... Bons & Evers. Bons & Evers uses precision 'hot forging' technology to produce high-quality aluminium, brass and copper parts for a wide range of sectors that include the automotive sector, the power distribution sector and the sanitation sector. AAC Capital is a Benelux private equity firm actively supporting successful entrepreneurs and management teams in accelerating growth and thereby realising their international growth ambitions.