Consummate lawyer definition

Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate preamplifier Page 3 I did encounter one problem early in the evaluation process. The Consummate's phono stage started making unpleasant crackles through the loudspeakers and causing a disturbing surge (pulsing the woofers of the loudspeakers) whenever switching into or out of phono. It is defined for these purposes as complete penetration of the vagina by the penis (although ejaculation is not necessary). A marriage may be consummated despite the use of a contraceptive sheath. If a spouse is incapable of consummation or refuses without good reason to consummate the marriage, these may be grounds for annulment of the marriage.consummate [entry 1, formal] perfect, or complete in every way (6 of 20 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciations) dictionary .cambridge .org /dictionary /british /consummate 1. consummate [entry 2, law] to make a marriage or romantic relationship complete by having sex (11 of 25 words, 1 usage example, pronunciations) During the race, the consummate driver was able to easily maneuver his car around the chaotic track. The detective was a consummate observer who noticed even the smallest things. Although Sheila did not have much of a case, she knew the fact she was a consummate attorney would give her the edge in court.They failed to consummate the marriage at first, and were then separated. H now sought to have the marriage annulled on the basis of W’s refusal to consummate the marrieage. Held: The petition failed on the facts: a ‘wilful refusal’ is an unjustified, settled and definite decision and taking into account the whole history of the marriage.