Scottrade pink sheets

HEMP, INC. (OTCMKTS:HEMP, HEMP message board) has had a tough couple of sessions – it crashed 26.47% on Thursday and another 16.82% on Friday. HEMP, like most companies in the branch, has produced much in the way of press releases lately. The sort of publicity the statements of company officials ... Yet the investor, focusing on the potential profits, can overlook the risks associated with trading pink sheet stocks. As in most cases of investment, a high risk can equal high rewards, but it is important for potential investors to understand all of the risks before investing in pink sheet stocks. What Are Pink Sheet Stocks? Scottrade is a securities-only broker. It does not have futures or forex trading. TD Ameritrade has both. Scottrade also doesn't offer insurance or estate planning, while Fidelity provides assistance with both of these important financial services. Scottrade customers can only reach a representative over the phone during the day and evening. Penny stock tip sheets. An often used resource by penny stock traders is the many tip sheets available. Some of these are sent out by mail, but more common these days are their availability on the internet. Many of such tip sheets offer readers – or subscribers – the ‘heads up’ on the hottest penny stocks to buy.