Dissection of the shark questions sheet for my husband

3 On a separate sheet of paper, draw a coelacanth, bull shark, and moray eel and label the body parts of each. Questions Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. 1 What characteristics do all fishes have in common? 2 What characteristics of a coelacanth cause it to be classified as a fish? 3 What features do the coelacanth and the bull ... Shark Dissection Pre-lab Instructions Using the Dogfish PPT, answer the following questions and label the accompanying diagrams. Part A: External Anatomy 1. What is the purpose of the lateral line? 2. Label the following on Figure 1-1 Anterior Dorsal Fin Caudal Fin Pelvic Fin Posterior Dorsal Fin Pectoral Fin Digestive Anatomy of the Dogfish Shark •A smooth, shiny membrane called peritoneum can be seen lining the inside of the body wall. •The liver –largest organ –3 lobes •two main lobes, the right and left lobes, extend from the length of the cavity. • A third lobe much shorter lobe contains the green gall bladder along its right edge. The Dissection Procedure 1. Make a mid-ventral incision from the cloaca cranially to just below the jaw. Make the incisions shallow. Cut around the head, around each fin, the spiracles and cloaca. From the cloaca cut dorsally around the shark. Go through the Virtual Shark Dissection and answer all of the questions after you review each section: Virtual Shark Dissection Lab . Review these sites to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the shark: Shark Dissection Lab – The Spiny Dogfish Shark . Shark Dissection Website . Shark and Ray Dissection Gallery