External css style sheet code

Body tag style by using CSS in a webpage Read the basic CSS tutorial We can use body tag to define style of our page by using different styles like background color , background image with fixed and repeat styles. This style saves our effort and code and we can manage easily the style of our website by editing the external cascade style sheet. Using Custom Cascading Style Sheets. A cascading style sheet (CSS) provides a way to control the style of a Web page without changing its structure. When used properly, a CSS separates visual attributes such as color, margins, and fonts from the structure of the HTML document. Using external style sheets is the ultimate webmaster's tool in that it allows you to apply formatting to many different web pages at once with a single .css file. In fact, once you become adept at using style sheets, this will be —and should be— your go-to method of applying CSS. The full range of CSS syntax is allowed in this method. HTML Inclusion Method In HTML, an External Style Sheet is specified using the LINK [-->Index DOT Html] element within the HEAD element block to specify the URL location of the External Style Sheet. URL values may be relative or absolute. Apr 13, 2012 · In general, there aren't many. That's why it's the preferred method of CSS implementation. :) But there are a few: 1) An extra download is required to import the css information for each document. 2) The rendering of the document may be delayed until the external style sheet is completely loaded Style Sheet Locations for COMS326. By the time you publish your first multi-page site (such as your midterm site review project in coms326), you should know the three basic locations for CSS styling: Inline styles, embedded style sheets, and external style sheets.