Hogans sheet metal intakes

Metal Vehicle Art. Built by Ed Stewart. Ed is a builder with a good touch with shaping metal and a sense of humor. he also volunteers his time at the Craftsmanship Museum as a docent. His vehicles seem to be full of motion with lots going on. You can tell Ed had fun conceiving and building these nice pieces in a folk art style. Thinking of a Hogans sheet metal intake?Think again!Take a look... Heres some pics of a Conleys sheet metal intake(on the left) sitting next to a Hogans sheet metal ... where can i by a sheetmetal intake for my 406 cui smallblock ... If you Google custom fabricated sheet metal intake manifold you will find many , like Hogan's. Etc. Top. Budget-Friendly Sheet Metal Fabricated Intake Manifolds for LS1/2/3/6/7, Small Block Chevy, Small Block Ford, and Ford Mod-Motor and Coyote Engine Platforms. Check Back Often as other engine configurations Coming Soon! I currently have the single plane intake and Holley 4 barrel throttle body on my BBC 1968 Camaro. This setup works great, but I can just barley close my hood without an air cleaner. Manufacture of oxidation resistant metal fibers, porous sheet composed of sintered metal particulates, plasma sprayed ceramic coatings and brush seals. Precision machining and assembly for the aerospace industry and manufacture of complex electromechanical assemblies for the semiconductor industry, excluding design and service 1964 CROSSRAM INTAKE MANIFOLD. The 1964 Race Hemi crossram intake manifold, part number 2468418, casting number 2468045 is a one piece cast aluminum manifold. Here are some pictures of an original intake with the carb adapter plates and linkage in place. This intake has been polished after the fact.