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Balochistan Watch: Pakistani cricket fans tear 'Free Balochistan' posters outside Lord's Cricket Ground. Posters calling out Pakistani atrocities against Balochistan is once again likely to leave Islamabad red in the face, especially because of their strategic placement close to cricket grounds.Forums Other Sports Cricket Cricket. International Game Day. ... Australian ODI squad in India January 2020. TheParraboy, Dec 17, ... Search this forum only.Vivek Oberoi angers cricket fans by mocking their reaction to India's World Cup loss Vivek Oberoi has attracted the wrath of the internet by posting a GIF for Indian cricket fans, after India ...The Official Proteas Supporters’ Club exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to get you to the stadium, closer to the players, and to fuel that Protea fire! Without you we’d be nothing. We’re together for all the highs: every 4, 6, run out and amazing catch. And we’ll bounce back from the lows. While most cricket fans laughed at Vaughan's cheeky jibe at the Aussies, what cannot be argued is that his comment also summed up the stadium environment in an India match at the World Cup this time.