Galvanised sheet metal wikipedia

Galvanized Steel. Galvanized steel sheets are continuously hot dip coated with a durable protective coating of zinc. Can be formed without flaking or peeling. Stamping, cold drawing, double seaming and brake or roll forming will not impair their protective qualities. Can be welded and soldered. Coatings are G90 (minimum .90 oz. per foot). Aug 27, 2008 · You obviously need to know how thick it is. There is a system of sheet metal gauge based on sheet 1 inch thick, which weighs (for steel) 41.82 lb/sq ft. The gauge number corresponds to a factor ... Wheeling Steel was acquired by Pittsburgh Steel to form the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation in December 1968. The merger added: Allenport Works, a sheet steel plant in Allenport, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Monessen Works, a steel mill in Monessen, Pennsylvania.