Chapter 15 genetic engineering vocabulary review sheets

15.3 428 Chapter 15 Getting Started Objectives 15.3.1 Describe the benefits of genetic engineering as they relate to agriculture and industry. 15.3.2 Explain how recombinant DNA technology can improve human health. 15.3.3 Summarize the process of DNA fingerprinting and explain its uses. Student Resources Study Workbooks A and B, 15.3 Worksheets This AP: Chapter 15: The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Worksheet is suitable for 9th - Higher Ed. AP biology course-takers peer into the workings of inheritance with this worksheet. They examine the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance, Morgan's fruit fly experimentation, and sex-linked genetic traits. Is a glass slide or silicon chip that carries thousands of different kinds of single-stranded DNA fragments arranged in a grid. Used to detect and measure the expression of thousands of genes at one time. ESSON 15.2 Genetic Engineering 421 Getting Started Objectives 15.2.1 Explain how scientists manipulate DNA. 15.2.2 Describe the importance of recombinant DNA. 15.2.3 Define transgenic and describe the usefulness of some transgenic organisms to humans. Student Resources Study Workbooks A and B, 15.2 Worksheets Spanish Study Workbook, 15.2 Worksheets Reviewing Key Concepts Short Answer On the lines provided, answer the following questions. 1. Explain how a transgenic organism is made. 2. How are transgenic bacteria useful to humans?