Cal poly computer science curriculum sheet cal poly pomona

Students are the strength of Cal Poly Pomona Architecture (CPP/ARC). Many are the first in their family to attend college, most come from diverse backgrounds and a substantial number of students transfer from a community college to fulfill their dream of becoming an architect. Major Requirements for Cal Poly Pomona School Website Caution: Some CSU campuses have impacted majors which require you to complete specific coursework, submit your application during the priority filing period, and have a higher GPA to get admitted.Faculty take an active role in academic and career advising and mentoring. Mathematics majors are assigned to a faculty advisor at the time of entry to Cal Poly. You are encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor/mentor on a regular basis for guidance and support.Agree with im_blue and I'm a current Cal Poly SLO comp sci student. Though I don't think the argument between SLO and UCI is that weak but that's going off topic. UCI has a school dedicated to computer science and also is much more selective. Cal Poly Pomona, while a solid school, has a less selective student body. No double counting is allowed between Additional Science Support Elective and Life NOTE: This document can be used as a compact display of courses and other curricular requirements at the time of publication of the 2015-As curriculum changes between different catalog years, you may question what courses automatically transfer between catalogs. The following changes below apply to BMED majors only and a petition will not be required.