Sample attorney time keeper sheet

These days there are many powerful timesheets for lawyers that are easy to use, cost effective, and accessible from anywhere via the internet. You’ll be amazed how much time you save on admin alone, let alone the significant benefits that can come from understanding and managing your billable time more effectively. Bill format: Attorney shall provide detailed, itemized bills which, at a minimum: clearly identify each person performing services (i.e., time-keepers) in conjunction with each entry, record the time expended by each time-keeper separately, state the amount of time expended by each time-keeper daily (and, within each day, broken down by task Chart for Billing in Tenths . 0.1 1-6 minutes 0.2 7-12 minutes 0.3 13-18 minutes 0.4 19-24 minutes 0.5 25-30 minutes 0.6 31-36 minutes 0.7 37-42 minutes 4) May calculate time worked units produced by piece-work or bonus work employees, using calculator or computer, and be designated Time Checker or Work Checker . 5) May locate workers on jobs at various times to verify attendance of workers listed on daily spot sheet be designated Spotter any industry