Pan african movement

He had six million followers at one time Jan 23, 2001 · He set up a bogus Pan African Movement which promotes globalisation, the new policy by which the USA will impose economic control of African economies. While Europe was engaged in a war to stop the development of a Pan African union, it was busy developing an all embracing European union. Even though Pan-Africanism as a movement began in 1776, it was the fifth Pan-African congress that advanced Pan-Africanism and applied it to decolonize the African continent. The people in Manchester were politically conscious and that was one of the reasons why it was selected as the venue for the fifth Pan-African congress. Decolonization and Pan-African: Issues of Interest The 15th century marked a significant moment in the history of the world with the birth of renaissance. In fact, the European renaissance of 1400 marked a watershed in the systematisation of slavery and colonial expedi- tions by European nations. In June 1974 Black leaders from Africa and its diaspora convened in Tanzania to continue the series of international meetings that first began in 1900 as the Pan African Conference organized by Trinidadian barrister Henry Sylvester Williams. W.E.B. Du Bois initiated five more in 1919, 1921, 1923, 1927, and 1945.