Lm4040b datasheet

LM4040 sot23 datasheet, cross reference, ... LM4040 100ppm/ LM4040 fzek fzey SC70-3 ALG TRANSISTOR LM4041 LM4040D LM4040C LM4040B LM4040A: 2011 - sot23 mark code aly. lm4040,lm4040a,lm4040b,lm4040c,lm4040d精密微功耗并联型电压基准-lm4040是一个精确的双端并联模式,提供固定反向 击穿电压为2.048v,2.500v,3.000v,3.3v,4.096v带隙电压基准,和5.000v。 One is 2.048V (great for 3.3V reference systems) and the other is 4.096 (great for 5V). Both are 0.1% accuracy! Using is easy, just power with about 5V-12V, or 3V if you want only the 2V reference to work. Then measure the voltage on the output. Lets look at the data sheet and see what it tells us. The ATMEGA chip used on the Arduino has analog inputs that can be used to accurately measure voltage . The Arduino microcontroller is provided with a successive approximation type Analog to Digital converter (ADC) which has the following specification. We can supply Diodes Incorporated part# LM4040C50H5TA, use the request quote form to request LM4040C50H5TA pirce and lead time. Nantian Electronics - ntcomponents.com is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components.