No crop for blackberry

Brand new release from University of Arkansas, Blackberry, Prime-Ark Freedom is the world’s first thornless, primocane-fruiting blackberry. Prime-Ark Freedom fruits very early in the season, and where the climate is suitable, fruits again in the fall. Most of our blackberries are summer bearing, which carry one crop of berries on the over-wintering canes during the summer months. Plants begin fruiting in mid summer, and the season lasts approximately 3 - 4 weeks. The berries will have best flavor by allowing them to fully ripen. The sweet juiciness of the berries being worth the stinging scratches left from the thorns. But why not take this adventure to new heights by growing blackberries in the home garden instead. Use the following tips to learn about caring for blackberry plants. Soon enough you’ll be harvesting your own scrumptious blackberry fruits. Blackberry – “Rubus spp.” is the best approximation to a scientific name, considering that blackberry may be the most taxonomically complex of any fruit crop. R. ursinus Cham. & Schlect. is native to the Pacific Northwest, and has been useful in producing commercial cultivars grown in that region. Hi. I have a huge older thornless blackberry bush on the back side of my property still here from the previous owners. It’s probably 8′ tall and just as wide but produces very few berries. I’m assuming because it has been left to grow wild without pruning. I honestly have no clue which of the many canes are from what year, etc…..