Cisco wlc rf profile disable 2. 4

Apr 16, 2017 · To configure N+1 redundancy, you configure the primary controller field on all APs with the name of an active controller (WLC-A, for example). The secondary controller field is set to the name of the backup controller (WLC-Z). I've added a Secondary WLC (WLC2) in my wireless lab in order to test out N+1 high availability with the Primary WLC1. Group Leader is the WLC with highest group leader priority. RRM is per radio band(ie separate groups for 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) & two WLC can be group leader for these two. To configure RRM, you would need to given an RF group name for the controller. That’s pretty much it for most of deployments. The video shows you how to partition your wireless network into multiple logical areas using AP Group and RF Profile features on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. We will use AP Group to control availability of WLANs while RF Profile ensures consistent radio characteristics. Assuming a Cisco WLC... Go to "WLAN > Select the WLAN Profile > General Tab > Radio Policy" Updating my answer to clarify a few things... 802.11a operates at a maximum of 54Mbps, only in the 5GHz bands; 802.11b operates at a maximum of 11Mbps, only in the 2.4GHz bands; 802.11g operates at a maximum of 54Mbps, only in the 2.4GHz bands RF Profiles can be used with all APs running firmware MR25.x. After defining profiles customers can additionally override the settings from the Overview tab. By default two RF profiles are defined for every network. One for indoor APs and one for outdoor APs. APs within a network are automatically assigned to the corresponding RF profile. Oct 01, 2010 · Lower this value even further if you plan on deploying voice over Wi-Fi, perhaps down to 3 or 4 SSIDs max. Disable Low Data Rates Since beacons are sent at the lowest "basic rate" of the BSS, disabling lower data rates forces beacons to use higher data rates and reduces network overhead.