A6 smd transistor datasheet 9013

3_A6 BAS16-02W SCD-80 Diode A6 BAS16-07L4 TSLP-4-4 Diode A6 BAS16D SOD-123 Diode A1_A6 BAS16H SOD-123F Diode A6 BAS16L SOT-23 Diode A6 BAS16PT SOT-23 Diode A6s BAS16S SOT-363 Diode A2_A6 BAS16T SOT-416 Diode A6 BAS16TS SOD-523 Diode A6s BAS16U SC74 ___ A2_A6_A6s_KA2_KT1 BAS16W SOT-323 Diode A6 BAS16WS S901320 Datasheet, S901320 PDF, S901320 Data sheet, S901320 manual, S901320 pdf, S901320, datenblatt, Electronics S901320, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets ... SMD General Purpose Transistor (NPN) www.taitroncomponents.com Page 3 of 4-Static Characteristic C Fig.2 DC Current Gain Fig.3- Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage Typical Characteristics Curves m ain h Collector) V Fig.4- Current Gain Bandwidth Product FE ent I (A) e (A) age), V B)) Number of Cycles at 60HZ ain ... Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 2007 - A6 transistor. Abstract: 20V n-Channel Power MOSFET voltage regulator 12v 2a TAG 9202 rIP 31 TRANSISTOR High voltage negative regulator converter circuit ac to dc 2V to 100V "Level Shifter" 100v input regulator 40fb12 S9013 Ga┼żn Product . Created Date: 6/27/2002 1:37:35 PM