Hd64180rf6x datasheet 2n3904

Hd64180rf6x datasheet 2n3904; Clasicas instrumentales violin sheet; Go in march music saint sheet when; Hp300ulpd8cb data sheet; Vlsi 1053 datasheet 2n3904; How to cover sheetrock; Martina mcbride valentine sheet music; Maths mate 9 term 1 sheet 3; Endust free hypoallergenic msds sheet; Satin single sheets; Tq2sa 3v datasheet 2n3904; Musette in ... Generally, a 2N3904 transistor is the preferred remote diode. Several samples of each of the transistors listed in Table 1 were evaluated and their ideality factor was determined to be ~1.004. (Typically, the ideality factor is not be stated in the data sheet for a transistor.) While transistor devices other than the ones cited here could 2N2501 Datasheet (PDF) 5.1. ixta02n250hv.pdf Size:184K _ixys Advance Technical Information High Voltage IXTA02N250HV VDSS = 2500V Power MOSFET ID25 = 200mA ≤ Ω RDS(on) ≤ 450Ω ≤ Ω ≤ Ω ≤ Ω N-Channel Enhancement Mode Fast Intrinsic Diode TO-263AB G S D (Tab) Symbol Test Conditions Maximum Ratings VDSS TJ = 25°C to 150°C 2500 V G = Gate D = Drain VDGR TJ = 25°C to 150°C, RGS ... 2N3904 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ratings at 25¡C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified SYMBOL MIN. MAX. UNIT Small Signal Current Gain at VCE = 10 V, IC = 1 mA, f = 1 kHz hfe 100 400 — Output Admittance at VCE = 1 V, IC = 1 mA, f = 1 kHz hoe 140mS Noise Figure at VCE = 5 V, IC = 100 mA, RG = 1 kW, f = 10 É 15000 Hz NF — 5 dB Delay Time (see Fig. 1) Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit fT Transition Frequency 2 Cob Output Capacitance Cib Input Capacitance hfe Small Signal Current Gain td Delay Time tr Rise Time ts Storage Time