Vlookup with multiple criteria and multiple sheets in pivot

Vlookup with multiple criteria ... from multiple stores and the other where i am trying to display the data. Whats the formula to look in the data sheet for BOTH date ... I have a pivot table which can select the values for different Quarters in Report filter. Now I'm doing Vlookup based on the selection of quarters on the table. If I select Quarter-1 it is displaying the Quarter-1 (say in cell D5), If select multiple Quarters (Q-1 and Q-2) it is displaying "Multiple selections" in the same cell (D5).Lookup across multiple sheets Add-In Lookup across multiple sheets is an add-in for for Excel 2007/2010/2013 (not Mac!) that lets you lookup a value or multiple values and return multiple values or rows from multiple sheets. Features. Easy-to-use custom function; Lookups across multiple sheets; You can use multiple search values at the same time =VLOOKUP(B:B,INDIRECT("'"&C4&"'")&B:CC,3,FALSE) where C4 contains the name of the sheet I want to reference. I tried to use a lookup table to reference all the formulas but it only returned a 0. Im not really familiar with VBA. I found some help and was able to type this code to make a user defined function that did a vlookup for every sheet.with vlookup i can only get the 1st value that the formula found. in this case is only 2017. But what formula can I use if I want to show that there are several contracts expiring for the Client in sheet2? Ideally in sheet 1 column J I would like to see 2011, 2017, 2018 as there are multiple expiration date.