Sheet piling rig checklist

1. The inspection must cover the items listed below and must be documented on this or a similar form. 2. Items that fail inspection: subcontractor must bring the equipment into passing condition before use at SLAC. Pile driving is unique in the construction industry, in that the machinery used to install the product is a vital part of inspecting and verifying the installation. This checklist can be used to assist with the set up and operation of excavation work at construction workplaces. The assessment can be led by a principal contractor (PC), a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), plant operator, safety advisor or health and safety representative (HSR) and should be completed in consultation ... The Piling & Foundation Specialists Federation (PFSF) is a non profit industry association of specialist piling & foundation engineering contractors, engineers, equipment & material manufacturers suppliers, owners and academia. (c) Identification of any problems associated with mobilization of equipment, personnel, and materials to accomplish repairs/maintenance. (d) Updated layouts of pile plans (which occasionally differ significantly from the drawings available at the activity). (e) Documentation of types and extent of marine growth (to help plan future inspections),