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Sep 29, 2013 - Explore spaceexpander's board "The skit guys" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Guys, Christian skits and Christian videos. Skit Guys - Thanksgiving: God's Goodness. If you haven't seen this you should really watch it ... True though - you can't be forced to go where you're supposedd to ... Even the dog, Sparky, doesn't like you! Pumpkin Pie- You all think you're so important! They always save the best and the sweetest for last! Cranberry Sauce-You're not the only one who can taste sweet, you know. Mashed Potatoes-You guys may be sweet, but I'm the favorite! Stuffing- Quiet everyone! Someone's coming!! Scene 2 Christian Living, Life Situations, Spiritual Growth, Thanksgiving Summary: When Linda answers her door to find a policeman standing there, she automatically assumes the worst; however, after several assurances that her family members are alive and well, she finds the real reason the policeman is at her door. A Prayer for a Bigger Worldview - Your Daily Prayer - January 11. I thought the changes we made in our home would be hard for my kids. I thought there might be resistance.