Perstempo verification sheet

Prepares and submits required memorandums at each PERSTEMPO threshold to the first Army general officer in a Soldier’s chain of command. Notifies Chief, Military HR of significant PERSTEMPO events. Produces, at a minimum, monthly reports to reconcile and verify individual and unit PERSTEMPO data. Non-destructive testing and inspection are vital functions in achieving the goals of efficiency and quality at an acceptable cost. In many cases, these functions are highly critical; painstaking procedures are adopted to provide the necessary degree of quality assurance. 13. Valid DD Form 2215, ref. Audiogram or DD Form 2216, Periodic Audiogram (w/in 12 mo.) on file in HREC 14. Completion of DD Form 2766 (Audit preventive and chronic flow sheet) 15. Completion of DD Form 2795 16. Tuberculosis skin testing (TST) (within 12 months of deployment, if required) 17. G-6 PD test, if required 18. PERSTEMPO Verification Sheet for turn-in at your gaining unit. Port Call tickets if PCS overseas 4036R/Current Proof of AIDS Test – if PCSing Overseas Antiterrorism Threat Briefing Memo- if PCSing overseas Promotion Packet – promotable E4 & E-5 – Unit S1 or Bldg 2578 PT Card – if TDY en-route PCS to school PERSTEMPO Reports User or PERSTEMPO Adhoc Query User (NOTE: Only one level from each row can be selected. If PERSTEMPO access is not needed, do not select a level from that row. The Adhoc Query level automatically includes access to Reports.) The undersigned verifies that the user has met the appropriate security requirements to To complete clearance verification before transition from active duty, transfer to ano ther Service or Component, separation, ... PERSTEMPO Verification Sheet . 16.