Hold sheets off feet

For Better Sleep, Take Pressure Off Sensitive Feet With The Blanket Support Lift! This "comfort zone" around your feet provides relief for pain and irritation caused by Diabetes, bunions or ingrown toenails, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Gout, injuries or surgery, and other common foot conditions. Insert a blanket support between the mattress and box spring, and place the blanket over the device. A blanket support is a metal device that elevates the blanket and keeps it off of your feet. The device is typically used in hospitals and nursing homes to keep the feet cool while sleeping. If you're a restless sleeper – or simply prefer to keep bedding off your feet – you'll appreciate a Miles Kimball vinyl-coated steel sheet and blanket support. The Adjustable blanket support lifts up blankets to protect sensitive skin and keep the weight of blankets off feet. The lightweight aluminum frame has a base that easily inserts between the mattress and box springs.