Neoprene rubber sheet uk

Rubber Sheet and Rubber Slab to Your Specifications. We offer a broad range of rubber sheet and rubber slab material in a wide variety of elastomers, thicknesses and widths. Aero routinely ships high quality materials. Choose from chemical resistant, EPDM rubber, Neoprene sponge foam, Silicone rubber sheet, and many other sheeting rubber products. The first rubber coated fabrics appears in 1926 for belt industry applications. Colmant Cuvelier quickly understands the importance of acquiring a calendering line for the manufacturing of his rubber sheets and coated fabrics that was dedicated to his own applications and then to the sale of coated fabrics for specialized applications such as hovercraft skirts, fuel flexible tanks... Because Nitrile is economically competitive with Neoprene, and generally has superior performance characteristics in most situations, it has largely replaced Neoprene® in the O-Rings of today. Please note: This Material Data Sheet section is to be used as a professional guide only. Rubber strip, gasket tape, neoprene strip. Buy online for quick despatch. ... Sponge Rubber Sheet to Order Online Both Self Adhesive, and non Adhesive. A solid SH Neoprene rubber. Available in sheets, rolls or cut strips as required. Thickness ranges from 0.5mm - 25.0mm. Available to BS2752 specification. Solid rubbers also available in Nitrile, Silicone, Butyl and Viton. Thickness ranges from 1.0mm - 15.0mm. Available in BS Z60 Bridge Bearing Grade Neoprene Rubber Chloroprene Sleeves Unique Colours An extremely flexible sleeving available in plain cut sleeves, printed markers and of course continuous sleeving, with a wide range of colours also available. Harboro Rubber are leading UK manufacturers of rubber mouldings, synthetic rubbers (elastomers), injection and compression moulding based in Leicestershire, UK.