Free 8 count cheer sheets

Please limit phrase to 2 8-counts. Upon checkout, our most popular male voice over artist will record your phrases, and the recordings will be available under the "My Recordings" section. You can add them to any of your 8-count mixer projects! Welcome to New Level Music. We are the experts in custom cheer production, and our mission is to take your routine to new heights of energy and excitement. Our team of creative and innovative producers, engineers, and artists translates your story to sound in ways that make your performance bigger, better, and bolder. When your routine is ready for music go to the Downloads button and download the 8 count sheet (There are different sheets for Music Cheer Music routines or All Music routines so please use the appropriate one) BUT we prefer a video to an 8 count track (NOT A HUMAN COUNTING) 7. Champion Cheer Elite Packages ... Two Free Revisions Up To 8 Sound FX ... Mixed to an 8 Count Sheet Only $225; LEARN MORE 8-count sheet #2 Style 2 is a sheet that lists up to 10 8-counts and gives much more room to get descriptive. Multiple sheets are needed since most routines are longer than 10 8-counts. Jul 10, 2019 · In order to flawlessly pair music with your cheer routine, you’ll need to employ the simple, but powerful, 8-count sheet. An 8-count sheet is a textual representation of your choreography that can be used by a music producer to place sound effects and music at just the right moments throughout your routine.