At26 t call log landline

Call logs display the type of call, the date and time, the sender or recipient (if available), and the phone number. The top of the tile shows when the log was last updated. You can filter calls by headings and sort calls by type. You can also make calls directly from the log. You can't delete entries from the call log. After 24 hours, recent ...Jan 30, 2015 · However, there is no call log for this app. The AT&T iPhone app lets you listen to the voicemail, read a transcribed version, forward the voicemail by e-mail, return the call (which unlike the XFINITY app, will be from your cellphone number rather than your AT&T landline number), although not respond by text message. Some person may not be true to the closed ones. In order to overcome the fear about our closed one, just install this cell phone call history online free app into your device. Uses: It is important to keep the app as invisible to the target person. They shouldn't know that you are tracing their details.