Novomesh 950 data sheet

Novomesh 950 is compatible with all commonly used concrete admixtures and performance enhancing chemicals. PACKAGING Novomesh 950 fibers are available in 5 lb degradable bags.The macro-monofilament fiber is collated in small bundles within the degradable bag for rapid distribution. Novomesh 950 fibers are packaged, shrink- Smooth-On Smooth-Sil™ Platinum Silicones cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. With different hardnesses to choose from, Smooth-Sil™ products offer tremendous versatility and are suitable for making production molds of any configuration, large or small. Material Safety Data Sheet VULKEM 950 CAT 1 GAL Version 4.0 Print Date 07/09/2012 REVISION DATE: 07/08/2012 2/6 150950 801 SECTION 4 - FIRST AID MEASURES Get immediate medical attention for any significant overexposure. NOVOMESH 850. PRODUCT DATA SHEET. NOVOMESH 850 STEEL AND SYNTHETIC FIBER BLEND Novomesh 850, formerly known as Novomesh e3, secondary reinforcement system for concretea patented blend of cold drawn steel wire fiber and 100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene graded multifilament fiber containing no reprocessed olefin materials. C. Propex Novomesh 950 Fibers: blended fibers packaged in 5-pound, water-soluble bags for ready mix plant or jobsite addition to the ready mix truck. D. Prism Pigments Grasscrete Colorants: Concentrated dry powder iron oxide pigments designed to color concrete (optional- dependent upon Grasscrete System selected).