Olympia ice resurfacer specifications sheet

Engineering & Environmental Services The Engineering and Environmental Services Division (EESD) is committed to provide exemplary engineering and environmental stewardship for the citizens of Henrico County. Polycarbonate glazing sheet is available in solar gray and bronze in thicknesses from .080" to .500". This uncoated polycarbonate sheet is the standard grade for general purpose applications and can be used for economical protection against breakage or intrusion. A better insulator than glass, PC sheet contributes to lower energy costs. We then fill in any significant chips or holes. We then once again thoroughly clean and dry the bathtub. We mask-off all around the tub and all of the fixtures, hang plastic sheets, and put tarps on the floor. We are in effect creating a spray-booth in the bathroom. We then mix a colored resin with a catalyst. It is EXTREMELY critical to build a platform rigid enough so that the ice does not shatter when skated on. Consider this example, a sheet of glass on a flimsy table would shatter while one on a rigid work bench would not when weight was up against it. An ice skating platform is the same way, it must be built to spec. In response to customers' demand for a superior ice spraying system, the state-of-the-art Ice Force Spraying System was designed. Now an option on the Engo Electric Ice Resurfacers, this powerful ice spraying system is comprised of a high-pressure electric pump, stainless steel booms, speed-related water flow and an atomizer feature with dripless nozzles.