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New capital punishment laws were passed in Arkansas and came into force on March 23, 1973. The first execution would not come until June 18, 1990 when John Swindler was electrocuted. His was the first and only execution so far on the new electric chair constructed by the state in the 1970s. Haddigan, Michael, " Fat Man' key to mystery," ARKANSAS GAZETTE, June 26, 1988, pg. A1 Overview of the investigations and obstructions to uncovering the truth behind the cocaine of Mena. Haddigan, Michael, "The Kingpin and his many connections," ARKANSAS GAZETTE, June 27, 1988, pg. 1A Explores the career of Barry Seal. Preventing Water Issues In Your Basement And Foundation - Moisture In Your Basement Can Lead To Mold And Foundation Issues In The Long Run Taking Some Preventative Steps Can Save Based in Atlanta, Mr. Haddigan will work with Kevin Aussef to lead the growth of CBRE’s Private Capital Group, and will play a vital role in expanding the firm’s capabilities for serving ... H H • Hag­ EoMoNToN 182 H H A Gray Elementary-Juntor High School 12140 103 st .. 477-3926 H A V E Brake & Clutch Ud • 9544 125 ave • .474-8516 H A V E Brake & Electrical Rebuilders Ltd