Hex inverter cd4049 datasheet

74LS04, 74LS04 Datasheet, 74LS04 Hex Inverter, buy 74LS04, ic 74LS04 Jul 05, 2012 · A three inverter circuit (essentially any odd number) will always oscillate and the purpose of additional components is simply to slow it down. A single inverter does not make a good oscillator either because you risk it being biased into its linear region. A schmitt trigger is an exception to this because it cannot be biased into a linear region. The CD4049UB and CD4050B devices are inverting and noninverting hex buffers, and feature logic-level conversion using only one supply voltage (V CC).The input-signal high level (V IH) can exceed the V CC supply voltage when these devices are used for logic-level conversions. Hex inverting Schmitt trigger 11. Dynamic characteristics Table 7. Dynamic characteristics [1] Typical value of the propagation delay and output transition time can be calculated with the extrapolation formula (CL in pF). Table 8. Dynamic IC 4049 consists of six NOT gate inside it and having a high input supply voltage with a maximum current rating of 1mA at 18v. 4049IC is capable to drive two TTL loads