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Persons responsible for equipment damage are financially liable if the equipment was damaged due to improper use. Never attempt to alter hardware of software setups on your own. Any alterations must be pre-approved. Any approved modifications to microscope configurations must be returned to the previous configuration when the work is complete. The Idea OpenSPIM is an Open Access platform for applying and enhancing Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM).. We hope that OpenSPIM in its radical openness will demonstrate that the benefits brought to science by the Open Source approach apply equally well to hardware. Mar 23, 2018 · Thinking about light sheet microscopy? gives you fantastically detailed assembly instructions to create your very own Selective Plane Illumination Microscope. Credit to Dr. Guillaume Duclos for pointing this resource out. Light sheet systems are a novel method for imaging live samples. In light sheet microscopy, a sample is illuminated perpendicularly, rather than parallel to the imaging axis (as with traditional widefield or confocal microscopy). BioVision is working with multiple manufacturers to design cutting edge light sheet systems. Tomer R, Khairy K, Amat F, Keller P. Quantitative High-Speed Imaging of Entire Developing Embryos with Simultaneous Multi-View Light Sheet Microscopy. Nature Methods 9(7):755-63, 2012. Tomer R, Khairy K , Keller P. Shedding light on the system: Studying embryonic development with light sheet microscopy. Publications Complete list of publications Biomicroscopy lab patents Biomicroscopy lab publications: S. Xiao and J. Mertz, “Contrast improvement in two-photon microscopy with instantaneous differential aberration imaging”, Biomed.