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Dismissal by the Judge, Not for Lack of Prosecution trying to find out what this means? Lawyer's Assistant: Because laws vary from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in? Albuquerque,nm. Lawyer's Assistant: Has anything been filed or reported? That is what it says 2014 Sprague v. General Motors Corp., 843 F. Supp. 266 (E.D. Mich. 1994) case opinion from the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan My Client has ran into an issue when using the resume attachments when applying for a job, what is happening is when a candidate has attached a CV or Cover letter to their application then they automatically being attached to already open application or closed applications the candidate has submitted in the past. How To Remove Newline Character At Start In Attachment Jan 9, 2013. I have been trying to attach a .dat file generated at an external source and send it as an attachment by mail using UTL_SMTP, all things are working but the .dat file which comes attached in mail contains a newline character i.e. chr(10) at the start line and the contents of the file are written from second line onwards.