Swiss needle cast fact sheet

In the case of most needlecasts, the fungicide is applied as new needles are emerging. See other fact sheets on pine, Douglas-fir, and spruce diseases for details on controlling needlecasts on those trees. Rhabdocline needlecast symptoms on Douglas-fir. Swiss needlecast on Douglas-fir needle. Rhizosphaeria needlecast on spruce. pathogens (Dothistroma needle blight and Swiss needle cast), an aerial Phytoph-thora (sudden oak death/ramorum blight), a rust disease (white pine blister rust), a canker disease (Cytospora canker of alder), dwarf mistletoes, a root disease (Armillaria root disease), and an abiotic disease (yellow-cedar decline). Analysis— Swiss needle cast. Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative it was first described in Europe as a disease, the pathologists in the United States imme-diately went out looking for it and found it,” says David Shaw, a forest health specialist with Oregon State University and director of the Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative. “But they Needle Files Engineered to deliver performance unequaled by any other file, for use on ultrahard materials. Carbide, hardened steel, exotic metals, ceramics, and glass are no match for these precision files.