Why does balance sheet always tally

Download the PDF of the 20 Balance Sheet Ratios download this list of balance sheet ratios! Where the Balance Sheet provides data for calculating business performance and financial position metrics. Consolidated Balance Sheet (FY2016 to FY 2012) Pdf 12 KB photo Consolidated Balance Sheet (FY2012 to FY 2006) Pdf 9 KB photo Consolidated Profit. So if you are just using an Excel spreadsheet, or a piece of paper and pencil to do your accounting and someone asks you for a balance sheet, do not fret, you can create your own balance sheet. Here is a detailed blog post on how to create a projected balance sheet that will get you started. But you will undoubtedly run into problems. When using Bank Reconciliation, the Calculated Book Balance does not match the total for the bank account on the Balance Sheet. And, bank balance and the current balance on the Bank Account Journal do not match. why balance sheet should always tally?.. Answer / darshan chande B/S always tallies because Assets are always equal to Capital plus Liabilities, and since we recored Assets and Cap+Liab. on each side of B/S it has to tally!