7402 quad 2 input nor gate datasheet 7404

Inputs Are TTL Compliant; V IH = 2 V and V IL = 0.8 V Inputs Can Accept 3.3-V or 2.5-V Logic Inputs SN5400, SN54LS00, and SN54S00 are Characterized For Operation Over the Full Military Temperature Range of –55ºC to 125ºC The HEF4001B is a quad 2-input NOR gate. T he outputs are fully buffered for the highest noise immunity and pattern insensitivity to output impedance. It operates over a recommended V DD power supply range of 3 V to 15 V referenced to V SS (usually ground). Unused inputs must be connected to VDD, VSS, or another input. 2. Features and benefits SN7402 Quad 2-input NOR GATE. Some Part number from the same manufacture Texas Instruments, Inc. SN7402N ti SN7402, Quad 2-input Positive-nOR GATEs: SN7403 Quad 2-input NAND Gate With Open Collector Outputs 7408 Datasheet, 7408 PDF, 7408 Data sheet, 7408 manual, 7408 pdf, 7408, datenblatt, Electronics 7408, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet, datas ... The NOR Gate is a universal gate as any other logic gate is realizable using this small chip. This chip is very low power and is able to create complex circuits. The Apollo 11 Guidance Computer was built using 4100 NOR Gates.