Factor sheet 1 200 scale

The scale specified in the Plot scale section will determine which will be the layout space units employed. Usually, it's recommended to leave the value in the bottom box on 1, and enter the desired value in the top box. If the drop-down list is set on mm, entering 1 will set the layout to use millimeters, entering 10 will set it to centimeters ... Feb 19, 2008 · For instance, on a map, the scale might be 1 inch : 200 miles, meaning that 200 actual miles are drawn on the map in 1 inch. So, 1:200 would mean that 1 cm (if that is the unit of measurement being used) would translate to 200 cm. If, however the scale really IS 1cm:200m, then the scale factor is 20,000: 1, since there are 100 cm in a meter ... Magnification Scale Factors Table for A Paper Sizes. The table below gives scale factors for enlarging or reducing documents between all of the A series paper sizes expressed as percentages (as this is how they are most commonly displayed on photocopiers and in print software). You can considering changing the scale of a drawing by a decimal factor or by a percentage. For example, lets imagine we have a drawing at 1:50, but we want amend the scale, to show that drawing at 1:200. A drawing at 1:200 is 4 times larger than a drawing at 1:50, therefore we would need to increase the size of the drawing 4 x. Drawing Scale. Factor. 2.0 mm text. 2.5 mm text. 3.0 mm text. 3.5 mm text. 6.0 mm text. 1=500 mm. 500