Agion panton name day 2018

But the church gives the name with the name of Saint Leonidas and you celebrate the name day in 16th April, the feast day of this saint. A common question is, what if there is no saint with your name? 26th June is the day for those people, Agion Panton, which means ‘All Saints Day’. San Giovanni Crisostomo, ad esempio, soleva ripetere (synethize na lege): "Gloria a Dio per ogni cosa" (Doxa to Theo panton eneken); questo a incitamento alla sopportazione di tutte le tribolazioni del corpo e dello spirito. 2019年11月24日 - 租住Kilada, 希臘的房源,每晚$611 TWD起。向191個國家的當地房東預訂獨一無二的住處,跟著Airbnb一起家在四方。 We are investigating the fact of expanding our site to also include name days from other Orthodox Churches except the Greek one. This task is difficult since the name day of a name must belong to a saint or martyr of the Orthodox religion and at the moment we only know the Saints of the Greek Church.