New caledonian gecko care sheet

New Caledonian Giant Gecko Rhacodactylus leachianus ssp Printable Care Sheet Explore More! General Information Family: Gekkonidae Locale: New Caledonia; R. l. leachianus on Grand Terre (GT), R. l. henkeli on Pine Island Habitat: Arboreal; forest and scrub Average Size: R. l. leachianus: 14-17 in (212-279g), R. l. henkeli: 9-12 in (115-220g). The Mossy Prehensile Tail Gecko, commonly known as the chahoua, is native to New Caledonia. There are two locales, the Mainland and the Pine Isle. The Pine Isle is more colorful, while the Mainland is larger and slightly duller. The Chahoua is the second largest Rhacodactylus gecko, smaller than only Rhacodactylus leachianus. They are most ... New Caledonian Giant Gecko- Rhacodactylus leachianus The Giant Gecko is a native of both the mainland and several islands off the shore of New Caledonia. There are several different locales that are based on the area that they originate from. Crested Gecko Health Complications: If you have followed the advice in our crested gecko care sheet and purchased from us here at CB Reptile than you shouldn’t have any need for this section as crested geckos are one of the hardiest and healthiest geckos in the pet gecko realm.