C4664 datasheet 7404

Nov 02, 2012 · An old fashioned 7404 has Logic Inverters, it does not have Logic Gates so why call it a "NOT gate"? With the input of an inverter low then its output is high (that is why it is called an inverter). But since the other end of your LED is also high then the LED will not light. Your LED is connected backwards so it will not light anyway. Y= A, meaning it's the opposite logic signal of A. For an input into the inverter gate of the 7404 chip, the maximum voltage in order for it to be read as an LOW logic state is 0.8V. So this is the maximum voltage in order for it to read it as a Low logic state. Product Datasheet HBL7464V -- Twist-Lock Valise Connector Body 2P2W, 15A 125V, ML-1R, Black Nylon Product Specifications Product Type Product Item Plug Wiring Scheme 2 Pole, 2 Wire Non-Grounding Amperage 15A Voltage 125V AC NEMA Configuration ML-1P Item Style Valise Device Color Black Cord Dia. .218"-.375" (5.5-9.5) NTMFS4835N www.onsemi.com 2 THERMAL RESISTANCE MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Symbol Value Unit Junction−to−Case (Drain) R JC 2.0 Junction −to Ambient – Steady State (Note 3) R JA 55.1 °C/W