M7716 datasheets

Buy M7717-02 OKI SOP, View the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the M7717-02 at Jotrin Electronics. Noaa ngs data sheets; Gd10p data sheet; Gentle rain sheet music mother 3; Amercoat 385 data sheet; Flat latex sheet; Cp 7811 datasheet; Leh balance sheet; Pj 13 datasheets; Let it be piano sheet music for kids; Pyramid spelling sheets; Sheridan 1000tc sheet set angel; Les miserables on my own glee sheet; John sheets tax sale properties ... 1. General description The 74HC126; 74HCT126 is a quad buffer/line driver with 3-state outputs controlled by the output enable inputs (nOE). A LOW on nOE causes the outputs to assume (1) For the most current package and ordering information, see the Package Option Addendum at the end of this data sheet, or see the TI website at www.ti.com. Over operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted). AN77L03 SFF00079BEB 8 Electrical Characteristics (Reference values for design) Note) Unless otherwise specified, Ta = 25°C±2°C, CIN = 0.33 μF and COUT = 10 μF. The characteristics listed below are reference values for design of the IC and are not guaranteed by inspection. Product data sheet Rev. 4 — 26 November 2015 4 of 12 Nexperia 74HC7014 Hex non-inverting precision Schmitt-trigger 10. Static characteristics Table 6. Static characteristics At recommended operating conditions; voltages are referenced to GND (ground = 0 V). Symbol Parameter Conditions Tamb = 25 C Tamb = 40 C to +85 C Tamb = 40 C