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Sep 23, 2015 · Big buck down! But just how big?! Guy Eastman breaks down the process for scoring a trophy mule deer. To be considered for any big game award, a trophy must be scored by a Boone and Crockett ... Boone and Crockett Bucks Score Boone and Crockett Scoring. Measuring a bucks score with the B&C (Boone and Crocket) scoring method is one of the most utilized ways of determining a whitetail deer’s score. It’s a relatively simple technique that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to complete. Trophy Records By Species Club: Boone & Crockett Pope & Young Montana Species: American Elk Non-Typical American Elk Typical Bighorn Sheep Bison Black Bear Grizzly Bear Mountain Lion Mule Deer Non-Typical Mule Deer Typical Pronghorn Antelope Rocky Mountain Goat Whitetail Deer Non-Typical Whitetail Deer Typical Wyoming (Shiras) Moose Though this bull will not make the record book, the official score sheet will be kept on file by the Boone and Crockett Club. See more about t he Big Game Records Program. All record data below obtained through the Boone and Crockett Club’s Online Trophy Search at